Solutions for Your Needs
Written by Lloyd Barger   

Managing logistics processes requires time consuming examination of supply chain and logistics details. Issues like costs, labor, and capacity must be measured against the needs of clients and consumers. At some point, it becomes necessary to find a 3PL partner who can manage logistics details so company time and resources can be directed back into revenue-boosting activities. However, with outsourcing comes other concerns; How will they manage the company’s needs? How can we reconcile their data with ours? Are we really getting the best deal? When you select the correct 3PL firm as a partner, you need to feel comfortable that they are managing all of your logistics needs in an efficient and effective manner to benefit your firm’s operations.

When turning over logistics functions to a third party, it is critical that systems ‘talk’ to each other, so the data needed to successfully analyze business practices is always available. Choosing a 3PL firm that focuses on integrated fulfillment will ensure that you have all  you need to make informed decisions. A good 3PL firm will integrate into your systems for the benefit of your company. By creating an environment where all logistics data is shared, 3PL partner s create a seamless and transparent end-to-end strategy for your company.

Beyond a transparent and connected data integration structure, companies moving forward with outsourcing logistics functions need a partner who will manage shipping costs effectively. Effective ecommerce logistics functions are crucial in a time when online transactions are beginning to dominate the consumer landscape. A 3PL that focuses on efficient ecommerce fulfillment is what you need to be successful in this environment. A key benefit of outsourcing your pick, pack, and ship functions is entrusting that items will be shipped appropriately and timely, with the lowest cost possible for you. Your 3PL partner manages a time-sucking process for you, and is responsible for items arriving at their destinations in mint condition, a goal of any shipping department.

The right 3PL firm will make sure it becomes intimately aware of a company’s initiatives, inventory, and programs. When a 3PL understands shipping and warehousing costs it can more effectively manage daily operations. It is critical that the logistics firm you select understands your company and your needs. A firm that emphasizes direct to consumer fulfillment will manage your programs with customized strategies and communicate with your company.

An effective third party logistics firm will create a seamless process for your company, and manage every aspect of that process based on efficient running of programs and cost savings to clients. Make sure you choose a 3PL partner who provides you with the ultimate logistics fulfillment experience.

Logistics are Essential to a Small Business
Written by Lloyd Barger   

In this day in age the big box stores have to depend on their ability to be efficient to make the most profit. They depend on large quantities to cover shipping and warehousing costs, employee costs, and many other that go along with running your own supply chain. They also rely on the volume of product to generate the revenue that is needed. At times the need to lower costs and increase revenue can come at the expense of providing their customers with the best deals and service.

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PMA has been a great partner for our company. Their customer service team is truly dedicated to helping our customers and ensuring the success of my program. The money I save from taking advantage of PMA's shipping rates practically pays for my entire fulfillment costs. I couldn't be happier!
Thomas Thompson, Fiesta Brokerage and Marketing, Inc.
PMA is a superbly economical fulfillment solution for DRTV and retail campaigns with a hands-on management style. What impresses me about PMA from the Management to the Customer Service is the teamwork atmosphere and their willingness to continually improve all aspects of operations.
Rick Jones, Babacu International (Magnassager)
We experienced explosive growth and they not only accommodated our shipping needs, but provided an unsurpassed level of Customer Service during the process. I recommend PMA Fulfillment to companies of all sizes. They will grow with you just as they continue to do so with us.
Niki Vens, GolfLogix, Inc.
We have worked with PMA for a few years; they have been great vendor partners! It’s not often sales folks feel good about someone else working with their clients, and without hesitation we engage PMA with our clients. Our confidence in PMA making us look good to our clients has proven to be a solid positive outcome.
Greg Parks, Competitive Edge Media Mgt, Inc.
PMA successfully manages all of the inbound aspects of my direct mail campaigns. They are true professionals with years of experience. Their dedication to my account and ability to handle special requests has been tremendous.
Eric Weinstein, Mail Promotions, Inc.
PMA will adapt to my needs rather than forcing me to fit its preexisting setups. PMA gets it that no two marketing campaigns are the same.  [read more ...]
Doug Vaughan, Direct Response Support, Inc.
We count on PMA to run my entire shipping, receiving, cash room, and customer service departments. It gives me time to concentrate on marketing. They have never let us down!
Bill MacDonald, M.A.C. by Mail